Historical Sites and Travel

You will find below a list of historic sites in the Dostie family history.

Using the geodetic coordinates to the right of the table you can obtain the paths to get there using Google maps or your personal GPS.

Better yet, using Google Earth you can visit virtually those places and, in addition, look at the pictures of these places placed by different stakeholders. You could add your own photos.

Just copy the coordinates of the right column and paste them into Google Maps or Google Earth.

Enjoy your visit!

# Location Geodetic points
1 Montplaisir Marc de Bellot property in 1730 44°39’06.68” N  0°41’20.02” E
2 Secretary birthplace of Eve Passalaygue grandmother of Pierre de Bellot said Dostie 44°31’12.15” N  0°46’34.09” E
3 Le Merguet birthplace of David de Bellot grandfather of Pierre de Bellot said Dostie 44°29’18.44” N  0°39’29.36” E
4 Savignac-sur-Leyze birthplace of Toinette Casse 44°28’52.51” N  0°47’29.25” E
5 29 des Vignes street Monflanquin, site of the residence of  Toinette Casse the mother of Pierre in 1750 44°31’57.04” N  0°46’01.89” E
6 St-André’s Church Monflanquin where was baptized  Pierre Bellot said Dostie 44°31’58.68” N  0°46’08.43” E
7 St-Pierre’s  Church Île d’Orléans
Pierre and Marie-Rose were married in 1754
46°53’19.23” N  71°04’25.00” W
8 3484 Chemin Royal Ste-Famille I.O. About 1755 site of the first residence of Peter and Marie-Rose 46°56’58.58” N  70°59’07.34” W
9 2398 Chemin Royal Saint-Jean I.O. About 1774 site of the residence of Pierre and Marie-Anne Pepin said Lachance 46°55’35.21” N  70°53’12.43” W
10 640 St-Jean street Quebec, site of the residence of Abraham Martin ancestor of Mary-Rose 46°48’37.44” N  71°13’10.18” W
11 1088 St-Jean street Quebec, site of the residence of Michel Dostie son of Pierre and Marie-Rose 46°48’49.35” N  71°12’40.03” W
12 1114 and 1138 St-Jean street Quebec, sites residences Antoine Dostie son of Pierre and Marie-Rose 46°48’50.37” N  71°12’38.43” W
13 1156 St-Jean Quebec, site of the residence of André Dostie son of Pierre and Marie-Rose 46°48’51.75” N  71°12’35.42” W
14 Corner Abraham-Martin & Dalhousie Street
Memorial to Abraham Martin ancestor of Mary-Rose
46°49’15.40” N  71°12’13.16” W
15 Beaumont Cemetery
Where Anne-Marie Pepin said Lachance was buried
46°49’52.51” N 71°00’42.38” W
16 Cemetery of Ste-Famille Ile d’Orleans
Marie-Rose Ratté was buried there
46°58’27.89” N 70°57’44.27” W
17 Farm site of Pierre Dostie jr  at St-Joseph-de-Beauce
Pierre Bellot said Dostie died here in 1808
46°17’04.84” N 70°52’28.05” W
18 Memorial to the memory of our ancestors Pierre Bellot said Dostie, Marie-Rose Ratté, Marie-Anne Pepin said Lachance 45°37’53.37” N 70°42’33.80” W
19 Farm site of Ephrem Dostie circa 1915 45°39’35.96” N 70°40’46.26” W
20 Site of the house of Olivier Dostie about 1920 45°39’28.72” N 70°44’01.50” W
21 Farm site of de Gédéon Dostie circa 1915 45°37’56.53” N 70°42’31.96” W
22 Site of the residence of Anthony Paul Dostie in New Orleans Louisiana 29°56’41.53” N 90°04’14.40” W
23 Site of the Mechanic Institute where Anthony Paul Dostie was wounded New Orleans Louisiana 29°57’15.12” N 90°04’19.91” W
24 Site of the prison in front of which Anthony Paul Dostie agonized for hours in the street under the complacent eye of police 29°57’27.09” N 90°03’49.58” W


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