Gathering August 1st 2009

On 1 August 2009 was held the first major gathering of the descendants of Marie-Rose Ratté and Pierre de Bellot said Dostie. Over 210 people from the lineage Marie-Rose and Pierre met to the Island of Orleans for a tour bus for a period of 5 hours, interrupted by a lunch at the Parc des Ancêtres. This visit was followed by a dinner and an evening in the Beauport borough where we could appreciate the works of 5 artists and author. The event enabled a number of talents, among the descendants of Rose and Marie-Pierre, to performed and be highly appreciated by other members of our family.

Moving moment, at once simple and solemn.
Gilles Dostie  from Thetford-Mines took advantage of the first major gathering of Dostie to deliver to his son Pierre, the bronze medal as the Société Nationale des Québécois had awarded him in 1999 for his involvement and his greatness of soul. The gesture  of Gilles reminiscent the one Pierre de Bellot said Dostie, done more than 200 years earlier, when he handed the famous « peso » to his grand-son Antoine

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