c) Anthony Paul Dostie

Anthony Paul Dostie great-grandson of Pierre and Marie-Rose was born in Saratoga Springs New York on June 20, 1821. Dentist, he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana where he practiced. A prominent member of the city, he publicly opposed joining Louisiana in the Confederate states of the United States. For this reason, he was forced to flee the city in 1861. Following the occupation of the city by Union troops, he returned to settle there at the invitation of the leaders.

Here is his story:

Life of A. P. Dostie, Or, The Conflict in New Orleans.
Author Emily Hazen Reed published in 1868

Chapter I- XI 102 pages

Chapter XII-XIX 87 pages

Chapter XX-XXVI 98 pages

Chapter XXVII- XXX + Appendix 92 pages

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